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Default Are F10 M5 Rear Fenders Factory "Rolled"?

I just acquired a new-to-me 2015 F10 M5, with competition package (and so, lower ride height).

VIN check indicates that the car was outfitted with 343M forged 20" wheels, yet wheel finish isn't shown (so far as I can tell). Options such as '760 INDIVIDUAL HIGH-GLOSS SATIN CHROME' and features like blacked-out M5 badge and M5 front fender vents suggest that the car was originally delivered with black power coated version of the 343M wheels.

During the test-drive I noticed a sound at the right rear of the car, like a suspension squeak of sorts. Turns out that the outside of the rear tire was rubbing on the fender lip, and had burnished the paint off.

But why?

After yet more inspection, I have learned that the prior owner installed the M6 version of the 343M OEM wheels, which are wider and have less offset (19mm vs 34mm), locating the rear tire/wheel assembly further out, just under the fender lips.

This lead to significant wear on the inner liners and wore off all the paint on the upper fender lip archs. While liners are easy to replace, the paint is trickier, as each rear fender panel has to be re-sprayed, which carries over the top of both the front and rear door.

But are the fender lips stock or have they been rolled?

The front fenders have a very short flange at the top of the fender arch, less than 1/4", and I would describe the metal flange as "V" shaped. Out towards the bottom of the fender arch I see that there is a flange which is more "L" shaped.

The rear fender lips have absolutely zero flange. Meaning not "L" shaped, not "V" shaped, yet "U" shaped, and yet the edge is flat, completely folded over, so it presents as having 3/16" double-thick radiused edge.

Two different shops have offered their opinions about the fender lips. One believes that they have been "rolled", while the other shop thinks not.

Which is correct?

Could one of you F10 owners take a peek at your car and reply? I would be very grateful.
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I have a F10 550i and the rear fenders are flat like you described. As far as I know, the rear arches are the same in F10 M5 and a non-M. So I say the fenders are rolled at the factory in all F10s.
My ex-car was a E60 M5 and the rear fenders were rolled at the factory as well. However, non-M E60 had "L" shaped rear fenders and not rolled.

- Antti -

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Thank you for your input Antti.

The consensus is just as you indicate, that there are effectively no lips on the rear fenders edges. Merely folded-over metal, like you see in sheet metal fabrication to stiffen a bare edge.

The car dealer agreed to repaint the fenders and replace the rear wheel well liners due to the incorrect wheels and lack of disclosure of the car being equipped with non-standard wheels (the car was offered as unmodified, factory original). Dealer also replaced the wheels and tires. In this case, a new set of competition package seven spoke style 601 wheels and Michelin Super Sport tires.

I suppose I could have groused about the car originally coming with the forged 343M wheels, based on the VIN. But I like the style 601 wheels, even if they are cast and slightly heavier.

I'm keeping the car!
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