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E61 Touring Discussion The touring is also known as the wagon version of the 5 series.

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Default Thinking of replacing my E61

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Yeah, If the new transmission performs as they're saying it does and the steering doesn't suck, it should be a bruiser.

Yet the mbusa AMG page (under SUVs & Wagons, side scroll all the way to the right) still merely shows a front corner image of an E63 S Wagon and a smattering of specs with a red Learn More button below which just redirects back to the standard wagon configurator for an E400 4Matic. No build and price options for the E63 S AMG Wagon yet.

Dealer reps I spoke with said, "late fall/winter."

But then no stateside E61 was ever $120k+ fully-equipped like the outgoing E63 S, so other than being wagons, they are not comparable. It was just the AMG and the CTS-V duking it out. And since the new AMG will likely be more $ it had better be utter freaking magical. I even wonder if a hot wagon in the US still has a shot (even if I like them).

It's different sort of thing, I know, but I wonder whether a buyer considering the E63 S (or AMG SUVs, BMW X5M/X6M) wouldn't be considering a Tesla Model X P100D instead. Apples and oranges, but we may be approaching that ledge.
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