Why the Other E30s Matter: 325i Highlighted

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This hits home. I’ve had a total of two E30s in my beloved time of Bavarian car ownership, and each time I go back into my brain’s reserves of memory for when I learned the most, enjoyed the most, and got away with the most, it’s the E30 that stands far out above the rest. Both of those examples were M20B-powered. One was a coupe with a 5-speed and one was a 4-door iX model with an automatic that made it woefully slow. I didn’t care.

The video below shows why the 325i was such a wonderful car. Perhaps you couldn’t reach the higher echelon of M3 ownership? Fortunately, these regular cars shared a good deal of magic with the M3, yet cost pretty much a fraction of what you’d pay for the motorsports model. Literally used for everything from rally cross to cheap endurance racing, the E30 325i is a staple among amateur and pro racing drivers alike.

How does an old 325i with a few suspension goodies compare against a new BMW 340i? None other than Randy Pobst shows there’s not as much room between the two cars as one might think.

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