Turbo S50-powered E30 Does Insane Burnout While in Tow

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Henrik Nygren's turbo S50-powered e30.

Instagrammer’s over-the-top E30 proves that Sweden is more than just Volvo country. 

When we think of Sweden, we think Moose, Volvo, ABBA, and Ikea. Tire-shredding E30s aren’t exactly the first – or last – thing that comes to mind. But after looking at Henrik Nygren’s Nygren Motorsport Instagram page, we’re starting to rethink some things. Their social media presence is a little light on text and info, but the photos and videos they publish say more than words ever could.

At the center of it all is one very mean looking e30. Painted in white with the familiar M-Motorsport red, purple, and blue stripes, it looks like a factory works car made in a lunatic asylum – and we mean that in a good way. The fenders are flared, there’s a massive intercooler up front, and a wild spoiler out back. And its wild stance helps to put the 941 horsepower from its turbocharged S50 straight-six down.

Henrik Nygren's turbo S50-powered e30.

The Insta account is equal parts bucolic and brutal. There are plenty of tasteful photos of this wild 3-Series on highways, in front of historic buildings, and just looking good. There are also videos of it embarrassing Lamborghinis, doing impressive burnouts, and laying down picture-perfect drifts. Instagram is all about creating your best life for the world to see. Nygren has it down to a science.

Take this absolutely insane burnout on the back of a tow trailer, for instance. With fireworks popping off in all directions. Who in their right mind would do this, anyway? Nygren, of course.


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If you’re in Europe, it looks like you’ll be able to learn more about this big, bad Bimmer. It’s a recent cover star and a regular feature in the British Magazine Performance BMW. For the rest of us, we’re going to have to brush up on our Swedish and keep following Nygren on Insta, Facebook, and YouTube.

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