E30 M3 vs. Lamborghini Race Is Closer than You Expect

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The model doesn’t matter, it’s only what’s under the hood the counts.

When someone says “I raced my E30 against a Lamborghini Huracán” you’ll probably laugh. One of those cars is a phenomenal driver’s machine with incredible poise and handling balance. The other one breathes fire from a V10 engine making close to 600 horsepower. To call anything between them a race seems pretty silly.

And then you watch the video and somehow this Lamborghini is struggling to leave the BMW. Because the badge says M3, but if you lift the hood of this particular E30 you’ll find the heart of an M5. The 500 horsepower S85 V10 from an E60 M5 to be even more precise.

Sadly, as you likely noticed, the Lamborghini still managed to take the win, but not by much. And to be fair, we feel like the race really should have gone the other way. The Italian may have an extra 75 horsepower or so to lug around, but it should also have around 500 more pounds to carry around with it as well. We’ll chock this one up to luck for the Lambo and poor traction on the part of the BMW.

Regardless of the outcome, it’s still crazy fun to watch these two V10 monsters duke it out. Just make sure your speakers are on, because you certainly don’t want to miss the noise.

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