BMW Z4 M Coupe Just Wants to ‘Haul Ass’

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Just you, someone special, and an S54. What could be better?

BMWs are all about passion. Any time passion surpasses logic, you end up with head-scratching conundrums. Why are some BMWs acknowledged as instant classics, while others fall by the wayside and are forgotten?

One of those situations is the BMW Z4 M Coupe. What if you could have purchased a sexy fastback coupe with the drivetrain from the legendary E46 M3? That’s the Z4 M Coupe, and yet they still remain a downright bargain on the used car market.

YouTube channel Everyday Driver has thought about the same conundrum. In this video, they sing its praises and remind us that it is a rare bargain in every sense of the word.

BMW Z4 M Coupe

That wonderful, raspy S54 inline six is every bit as sublime in the Z4 M Coupe as it is in the M3. Compared to the Z3 M Coupe that preceded it, the styling is far less controversial. At least, it’s no more controversial than the roadster.

When asked, a friend said that if the Z3 coupe was a clown shoe, the Z4 coupe is a stiletto. We couldn’t have said it any better ourselves. Although it’s started to look a bit dated, the Z4 coupe will eventually be a beloved classic. Why wait?

BMW Z4 M Coupe

With only around two thousand produced, owning one is a rare privilege. We can’t imagine them to stay at their current bargain prices too long.

Don’t get us wrong, we aren’t complaining about the bargain price these wonderful cars go for. It makes the dream of adding one to the garage that much more attainable. However, the announcement of the new Z4 confirmed that won’t be getting another two-seater M car for a while, if ever. We expect the value of these cars to start rising soon.

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BMW Z4 M Coupe Rear

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