Matt Farah Drives E39 M5, Falls Immediately in Love

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Want to see Matt Farah fall in love with an E39 M5? Just press play and watch this “One Take” drive from Matt and the guys at The Smoking Tire. The car in question is a high-mileage model with the most minimal of modifications and maintenance, but that doesn’t stop one of the greatest sports sedans of all time from winning over Farah.

Like many “One Take” videos, this is little more than Matt and the owner of the car on an enjoyable Sunday drive down some California canyon roads, but it’s still a wonderful thing to watch. This car has received a muffler delete, and the sound coming from that 4.9L V8 is an angry howl that could raise the hair on the back of any enthusiast’s neck.

On the short drive, the car receives plenty of praise for its great steering, supportive seats, and the linearly swelling power from that motor. Interior quality and space also get high marks. Of course, this is still an older and high-mileage BMW, so it came as little surprise when the car suddenly went into limp mode for a few minutes. A quick restart of the motor fixed the ailment, and the drive continued.

I will leave you with one important disclaimer before watching this video. I am in no way responsible for your later loss of work time when you spend the next several hours looking for used M5s on eBay and Craigslist. You have been warned.

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