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Tesla Will Never Top BMW on the Track, and Here’s Why

Since Elon Musk bragged on Twitter that the Tesla Model 3 would “beat anything in its class,” hence this Top Gear track battle.

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BMW New Comers in Heavy Testing at the Nurburgring

BMW Nurbugring testing.

Upcoming bimmers are getting put through their paces at the Nurburgring including a sporty 2-Series, the new M3, and the X6M.

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Heavy Discussion: Drive on the 2013 M5 and M6

It’s a hard fact to face—as we get older, we tend to get heavier. And while the slow march toward portliness is hard enough to stop as person, it’s an order of magnitude harder for cars. With very few—like, almost no—exceptions, the new kid of the block will be heavier than the one it replaces. […] More »

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