Monday is for M: Catless E92 BMW M3 Deafens at the Track

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BMW E92 M3 with Loud Exhaust and GTS Spoiler

On this edition of “Monday is for M”, we present to you an E92 M3 with a lethally loud exhaust. To achieve phenomenal volume, this M3 Coupe has been equipped with a Supersprint decatted exhaust system, but the car’s muffler is sourced from the M3 GTR race car. This video comes from Marchettino who knows a thing or two about loud cars, and here’s what he says about this M3:

“It’s probably the loudest Bimmer that I’ve ever seen! The sound is so much more different, raspy and aggressive than a standard M3.”

If a guy who is well-known for filming fast cars and exotics says it’s probably the loudest Bimmer he’s ever seen, this may be the loudest BMW you’ll ever see.

Crank the volume and hit the play button.

via [Marchettino]

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