Monday is for M: Unruly Behavior in an M3 GTS

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On this edition of Monday is for M, we spend some time with the rare BMW M3 GTS. Only 150 were built, but this video gives us a treat by showing two on the track at the same time. One of them was kind enough to do some donuts for “bugattif430“, the gifted cameraman who filmed this mind-grenade of niceness.

What makes the M3 GTS special? Primarily lightness. A standard E92 M3 weighs 3,700 lbs. The M3 GTS weighs roughly 300 pounds less, thanks to the removal of sound insulation, rear seat, airbags, and the exchange of window glass for clear polycarbonate. The car also features a featherweight sports exhaust system, roll cage, and a stroked 4.4L V8 that bumps horsepower and torque to 450 and 324, respectively. Look at some of those upgrades, and you get an idea why the car was not offered in the United States. Had the M3 GTS sold in America, its price would have punched a friendly hole through the $100,000 drywall.

Add this video to your YouTube favorites, so that whenever you get sad at this car’s rarity, watching this will ease the sting.

via [bugattif430]

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