E46 Bimmer Is V8-powered, Drift-ready & Insanely Rock Steady

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Pro-AM Drifter and ‘Hoonigans Wanted’ winner Micah Diaz gives the crew a breakdown of his monstrous BMW drift machine.

Micah Diaz is an up and comping Pro-AM drifter who is hot off winning the Season 2 of the Hoonigans Wanted contest. He is also well known for his visits to Hoonigan’s Donut Garage for completely slaying their man-line “course.” We say “course” because it is more of a small fenced in parking lot with a loading dock where he has absolutely punished his past BMW’s.

In the newest episode of Hoonigan’s Build Biology Diaz brought “Hail Mary,” his 2000 BMW drift car, rightfully dubbed the shred machine. The video gives a comprehensive build breakdown and includes footage of some of his insane drifting.

Micah Diaz' E46

His drift car is a 2000 BMW E46 328i, he thinks. He says the car has been in its drift car form for longer than it was ever a 328i, so he isn’t too sure on its origins. Equipped with a M3 bumper and a noticeably elegant Streetfighter LA body kit, the car has style.

The car features custom wheels which are wrapped in 235/35-18 section rubber at all four corners. Diaz says that in another upcoming drift series, he will be upgrading the rear rubber to 265 for extra grip.

Micah Diaz' E46 Interior

The interior is where the nickname “Hail Mary” comes from. In the custom roll cage are what are known as Hail Mary Bars.

“It’s kind of like a life moto,” Diaz said. Rounding out the rest of his interior is Sparco seats/harnesses, functional window switches, and even a homage to the original paint as his door jams are the original blue.

Micah Diaz' E46 V8

Regarding performance, Diaz’s drift car is powered by a 6.8-liter stroker V8. He says originally this was just like any old 6.0-liter V8 you could find in any Tahoe on the road. With all the mods to the engine he puts down around 499 horsepower to the wheels. But he, like everyone rounds up, proclaims 500. He controls the car through a GSR four-speed dogbox transmission, while the power is fed through the “drift go to” Winters quick change rear differential.

Diaz has plans to visit the now open Hoonigan Burnyard at Irwindale Speedway, finish out the rest of The Drift League season, and compete in the TopDrift series with this terrifying E46.

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