YouTuber Literally Drifts the Tires Off of His BMW M4

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Michelin Pilot Super Sports on an M4 are great, but they can only take so much abuse.

Tracks are violent places—and automotive enthusiasts can’t get to them quickly enough. Gas gets burned, G-forces assault racers, records get shattered, and tires get murdered. One of the latest victims of track brutality is the set of tires on Youtuber Adam Bornstein’s BMW M4.

In the video above, Bornstein takes his M4 out to the Grange Motor Circuit in Apple Valley, California. He and his buddies have the whole course to themselves—which Bornstein calls a hybrid of a drift track and a regular track. His M4 is joined by a Nissan 240SX, a heavily modified and track-focused M2, and a bonkers-customized Lamborghini Huracan. BMW M4 Drifting

All-day Drift Session

With those kinds of vehicles and that much free time and space, you’d think Bornstein and his pals would focus on seeing who could set the lowest lap time, right?

Nope. BMW M4 Drifting

Thrashed and Trashed

To hell with stopwatch readings. They spend the day powersliding and drifting their expensive machines around the course’s numerous turns.

Bornstein has altered his M4 cosmetically, but he’s kept it mechanically stock. That means it’s running on its stock rubber: Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires. They’re soft. They’re grippy. They’re doomed.

Bornstein proceeds to light them up on his way around the track. In between laps, he points out how beat up his friend’s M2 is and clearly, it’s been driven hard. That doesn’t stop Bornstein from lending it to his friend so he can get it sideways.

It goes about as well as you’d expect it to for the M4’s Super Sports. Their outboard surfaces are scrubbed down to shiny, slick nothingness. The back left tire loses a chunk of tread on the track. Good thing Bornstein’s buddy has some cheap spares. Those go on and so does the smoky automotive mayhem.

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