Ultra-rare BMW Bavaria is the Only One Left

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With only a handful produced and only one surviving example, we’re glad to see this BMW Bavaria restored.

BMW has produced some great wagons throughout the years. Naturally, we’re partial to the 5 Series wagons – E34, E39, E61, and the F11 for you lucky Europeans — but there are tons of other great BMW wagons, too. Each 3 Series iteration since the E30 has had one, and depending on you you ask, the Z3 M Coupe might stretch the definition of a wagon. But did you know that there was a Bavaria wagon back in the ’70s?

The BMW Bavaria, as seen in the above video from Brightside Media on YouTube, is one of the brand’s most important historical models. Alternately known as the New Six, this E3 3.0 Si Estate was built with the aim of competing directly with Mercedes’ full-size sedans, it impressed journalists — and buyers — with sporting performance that didn’t sacrifice comfort and luxury. It laid the groundwork for the 7 Series.

The Last One: BMW Bavaria Wagon

You’d be forgiven for being unaware of the E3 3.0 Si Estate wagon. With approximately 10 or 12 produced between 1972 and 1975 (the actual number is unknown), they weren’t very common to begin with, and the example seen in the video may be the only one left in roadworthy condition.

A collaboration between the British importer of BMW and Langley Motors, it filled a completely unique space in the marketplace when it was released. No other station wagon could offer the level of performance blended with comfort and luxury, the beginning of a trend that continues with BMW wagons to this day.

The owner of this particular car became smitten with the Bavaria as a child, and he currently owns several examples. In fact, counting this one, he’s owned four of the wagons. This rare wagon was painstakingly restored over a period of 14 years, and is now the only one left. That long restoration paid off, though, as this must be the nicest Bavaria in the world.

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