Destroked Engine Makes This E30 M3 a Hill-Climbing Beast

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We promise you’ve never heard an M3 sound like this before.

It takes a special type of car to be a great hill climber. When it comes to tackling courses that can reach stratospheric altitudes, your typical high-displacement engine just isn’t going to cut it. With that in mind, the owner of the E30 M3 in the newest HillClimb Monsters video decided to destroke the engine and transform it into a course-crushing monster.

In the video, they say that their E30 is actually running a destroked S54 engine from an E46. Taking the 3.2-liter engine down to 3.0 allows this M3 to reach insane RPMs. This high-revving beast is now completely tuned for hill climbing, and as you can see, it’s no slouch. Just listening to the engine’s bark throughout the video is incredible. It almost sounds more like a sports bike than a car.

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The destroked engine puts out an impressive 440 horsepower and has a 9,600 RPM redline. You can definitely believe that when you watch the car drift through turns and even gets some air over bumps. But perhaps the most impressive part of the video is the way the driver handles the car. A driver that doesn’t know what he’s doing just wouldn’t be able to handle this M3.

At the end of the day, you probably wouldn’t want this Bimmer to be your daily driver. But you’d definitely want to drive it as much as possible.

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