BMW M760i is a Super-Luxurious Tech Fest on Wheels

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YouTuber Doug DeMuro shows how the ultimate BMW 7 Series has more than enough features to match its V12 prowess.

Here’s a bit of trivia for all of you James Bond fans out there. The BMW 750iL that Pierce Brosnan drove in the 1997 film Tomorrow Never Dies was the only four-door that Q Branch ever gave to him to use in the field. It had a wire cutter under the BMW roundel on the hood, missiles in the sunroof, tires that could re-inflate themselves, an electroshock theft deterrence system, and the ability to drop tire-popping spikes out of its rear bumper. Cool stuff, especially if you’re in 007’s hazardous line of work.

However, as far as creature comforts go, its M760i descendant has it beat. In the video above, Doug DeMuro gets his hands on the 2018 M760i, the $180,000 flagship of BMW’s 7 Series line. It has cool matte paint, a 601-horsepower V12 under its hood, xDrive, and a thoughtful strip of felt that cuts down on potential trunk noise, but let’s face it – the main attraction of the M760i is its interior. As a great luxury sedan should, it makes things as enjoyable for the rear passengers as it does for those up front.

Those in the first row get ventilated/heated/massaging seats and use of BMW’s gesture control system for the Bowers & Wilkins audio package. An innovative 360-degree camera setup shows not only a bird’s-eye view of the car and what’s in front of and behind the M760i, but also where each door will open to and what’s surrounding the car from a ground level perspective. 2018 BMW M760i

Those riding in the back get their own ventilated/heated/massaging seats, screens, and even headrests that can cradle their heads and pillows that can be added to heighten the level of comfort. On top of all that, rear passengers get to use a slick tablet that allows them to adjust their seats, check out the navigation route on the dual rear screens, and open or close all of the sun shades.

The tablet can even change the color of the ambient lighting and the color of the LEDs embedded in the sunroof. Those lucky enough to ride in the rear can change the scent and intensity of the M760i’s onboard fragrance system. Long road trips are easier thanks to BMW’s Vitality Program, which passengers can use to work out and avoid fatigue and exhaustion while being chauffeured long distances.

The 2018 BMW M760i may not have a tear gas function like its 007-grade ancestor, but that’s OK. Golden Suite No. 2 smells a lot better.

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