Jack Ryan TV Show to Feature Plenty of BMW 5 Series Airtime

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The BMW 5 Series is still the spies car of choice, and now its on Amazon Prime Original’s Jack Ryan thanks to new partnership.

If you’re not familiar with Tom Clancy or his character Jack Ryan, then you’ve probably heard references over the years throughout pop culture. Clancy was the Stephen King of spy thrillers, having penned 20 books, 17 of those being bestsellers, before he died. However, his characters have lived on through ghostwriters. The most famous adaptation from a book was the Jack Ryan based-movie, The Hunt for Red October. Several movies have now been made with Ryan being portrayed by Alec Baldwin, Harrison FordBen Affleck and Chris Pine. Clancy’s material has also been adapted into a massively successful series of video games.

This streaming TV series is simply called: Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, with actor John Krasinski now portraying Ryan. The premise is familiar to anyone that has read any of the original books or the movies. Ryan is a promising CIA analyst that’s dragged from the security of his office and into the dangerous line of fieldwork, where it’s discovered he has a physical aptitude to go along with his talent for analyzing situations on the fly.


Jack Ryan BMW 5 series

Think of a more reluctant, but very American, James Bond, whom you may remember had his own awesome BMW. It was a 750iL with non-factory options such as a tear gas and electric shock based security system, a remote phone control option, a roof-mounted rocket launcher, self-sealing and re-inflating tires, a cable cutter under the front bonnet emblem, and the ability to drop caltrops out the back. All the things we wish BMW would at least give us in a trim level.

Jack Ryan BMW 5 series

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan looks to be lot more grounded in reality, and Uwe Dreher, head of BMW Brand Communications, says of the relationship between the car and driver: “The BMW 5 Series Sedan – our ‘business athlete’ – with its dynamic performance, superior handling and all-round connectivity is perfect for him. Our BMW models fit right in, the series is all about excitement, passion and action – all of which suit BMW down to the ground.”

Jack Ryan BMW 5 series


It’s not just the one BMW to be featured in the show though. Ryan and his team will have access to a fleet of BMWs and there’s even the promise of an appearance from the iconic BMW 2002 at some point.

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan goes live exclusively on Prime Video on August 31, and some of the Tom Clancy movies are available to watch now.

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