BMW 8 Series Convertible Now Official, Starts at $121,400

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BMW 8 Series Convertible

M850i xDrive vert will launch with 523 horspeower and 553 lb-ft torque, March 2019.

BMW introduced the first-ever BMW 8 Series Convertible, which joins the new BMW 8 Series Coupe in blending ultra-sporting driving dynamics with an emotional and elegant design. The soft-top, four-seat BMW M850i xDrive Convertible combines immense power and torque delivery from its updated 4.4-liter, eight-cylinder turbocharged engine with an advanced chassis, luxurious comfort and innovative technology, driver assistance and connectivity. The result is an all-seasons vehicle with the charisma of a low-slung, aggressively styled open-top sports convertible.

The exterior design of the BMW 8 Series Convertible exudes a very modern form of sporting appeal, beautifully blended, with an air of exclusiveness and sensual allure. Its unique character is the result of BMW’s new styling language focusing on modernity and emotional engagement.

The car’s already low-slung and elongated silhouette is especially enhanced when the fabric-top is lowered. When raised, the compact fabric roof pulls taught over the interior, reducing wind noise and creating a stepped look, accentuating the deck-like rear visual of the new 8 Series Convertible.

BMW 8 Series Convertible

Insulated Soft-top & Rollover Protection

The fully-electric soft-top design incorporates multiple layers of fabric materials to not only insulate the occupants of the first-ever BMW 8 Series Convertible from outside noise and elements but also helps reduce weight from the very top of the vehicle, thus lowering the center of gravity and improving handling and performance.

When lowered, the fabric top is stowed under a sophisticated cover with a surface finish and stitching coordinated with those of the instrument panel and interior door and side panel trim. The subtle “double-bubble” contour of the cover behind the two rear seats mimics the design incorporated in the BMW 8 Series Convertible’s roofline.

The roof can be raised or lowered in 15 seconds at speeds up to 30 mph with the touch of the top control button located on the center console.

A standard wind deflector can be positioned behind the front seats to further enhance the already serene passenger space. When not in use the wind deflector may be folded up and stored in the trunk.

BMW 8 Series Convertible

Optional neck warmers are available to extend the top down driving experience into cooler temperatures. Air outlets, integrated into front seat head restraints provide a pleasant warming effect. Air flow can be adjusted over three speed settings either manually, via the button on the center console or automatically, which adjusts air flow depending on vehicle speed.

The BMW 8 Series Convertible features a standard automatically activated rollover protection system. The system activates the moment that data analysed by the central safety electronics indicate a risk of a rollover. Two high-strength aluminum rollover bars, fitted behind the rear headrests, are extended by a pyrotechnic charge in a fraction of a second to form a survival space for the vehicle occupants in conjunction with the extremely rigid a-pillar windshield surround.

BMW 8 Series Convertible

Signature New Headlights

The luxury-sport convertible’s promise of performance is visualized in dramatic effect by the prominent, jutting design of the front of the vehicle, with large air intakes creating an imposing appearance on the BMW M850i xDrive Convertible. The BMW kidney grill showcases its increased proportions and features a hexagonal outline that widens towards the bottom and a single-piece surround that encompasses its various elements. The BMW 8 Series Convertible features standard Icon Adaptive LED Headlights with LaserLight technology that are the slimmest headlights of any BMW model to date. Both light tubes are used to generate the daytime driving lights as well as the low and high beam, thereby creating the signature brand look at all times.

The rear end is composed of sculptured, emotive surfaces that emphasize the car’s width and low center of gravity. The slender all-LED rear light clusters extend deep into the flanks and add to the effect. The tail lights illuminate uniformly in a distinctive L-shape. Twin, trapezoidal exhaust tailpipes are positioned either side of the rear lower section.

BMW 8 Series Convertible

Optimized Aerodynamics & Weight

An almost fully covered underbody, active air flap control with adjustable kidney grille slats and Air Curtains including Air Breathers help to reduce the aerodynamic drag of the first-ever BMW 8 Series Convertible. Narrow exterior mirror bases, mounted directly on the side window weather strips help smooth the airflow.

The optional M Carbon Exterior Package, consisting of air intake bars, exterior mirror caps, a and a rear diffuser insert, all made from CFRP, may be fitted to further enhance the already aggressive aura of the BMW M850i xDrive Convertible.

BMW 8 Series Convertible

Driver-focused Interior

The interior has been designed to help the driver focus on the road ahead and enjoy the experience of driving. The car’s wide center console rises up towards the instrument panel at the front, separating the driver and front passenger areas. This center space encompasses the audio control unit and its function buttons, the air conditioning control panel and air vents as well as the freestanding and frameless Control Display, all arranged above each other in a clear, horizontally partitioned structure.

clear arrangement of the controls helps the driver to focus on what’s happening ahead. Apart from the gear selector and the iDrive Controller, the center console also accommodates the Driving Experience Control switch and the engine start/stop button, all arranged within a newly designed function cluster with active haptic feedback. The control unit for the light functions is new and now consists of buttons positioned at the bottom of the instrument panel between the steering wheel and the driver’s door. A leather M Sport steering wheel with multifunction buttons and shift paddles for manual gear selection is standard.

BMW 8 Series Convertible

Merino Individual Leather Upholstery 

The newly developed sports seats offer high levels of long-distance comfort and excellent lateral support. The headrests are integrated into the backrests and can be adjusted for both height and fore/aft position. A semi-electric folding function has been included for the front seat backrests, which is activated by using a high-quality leather strap located on each seatback to facilitate convenient entry and exit for the rear passengers.

The sports seats are upholstered in standard premium Merino Individual leather with extended leather appointments. Decorative stitching in a contrasting color accentuates both the sporting contours and the rear seats’ styling as individual seats.

There are large door pockets, a roomy glove compartment, two cup-holders under the center console’s trim finisher and a large storage compartment under the arm rest’s longitudinally divided covers for stowing travel accessories, beverages and other items.

The rear backrest in the first-ever BMW 8 Series Convertible has a 50:50 split design. The backrest sections can be folded down either individually or together to further increase cargo capacity. The folding mechanism is released by means of levers inside the cargo compartment. Automatic trunk lid operation is a standard feature on the BMW 8 Series Convertible, while the Comfort Access option permits hands-free opening and closing of the trunk lid.


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