Alpina Z8 Roadster Might Be Worth the $440,000

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Roughly, €389,000 translates to $436,000 at current rates. If you take that second number and subtract about $140,000, that means that this wildling is currently listed for $296,000 more than it originally sold for. Any way you look at it, that is a ton of money, but even so, it could be worth it. Here are a few quick reasons why:

  • As far as pure beauty is concerned, it might be the prettiest BMW ever built (debatable with the 507, i8, 2002, M1, 328).
  • Henrik Fisker designed it.
  • It’s the GT version of the Z8 Roadster.
  • It’s a Final Edition of the Z8.
  • Only 555 were built.
  • Its red and black interior make it even more rare.
  • The flat wheels look far better than the chromes.
  • There are only 18,629 mile on the clock.

This is going to be a car that will be remembered forever. Considering the Monterey Car Week, where cars are sold for tens of millions of dollars because of their history, it may just be worth the asking price. What do you think?

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Via [Auto Salon Singen]

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