Alpina Teases New B7 Ahead of Geneva

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Alpina has been tuning BMWs for quite some time now, and the company does so with the official blessing from the Bavarian automaker. Each BMW that Alpina tunes is sent directly from a BMW plant, and is recognized as a BMW when you take your Alpina-tuned BMW in for service. Additionally, in the eyes of the German government, Alpina is seen not as a tuner, but as an automaker (although I wouldn’t go that far).

The company’s latest offering is set to debut at this year’s Geneva Motor Show in March and will be based off BMW’s latest 7 Series luxury sedan. Called the B7, not much is known about the Alpina besides its name. Up until now, all we’ve had to go on are spy shots of what may or may not have been Alpina testing the car. Now, however, the company has released a short teaser video of the B7 Alpina being tested.

We’re eager to see what concoction Alpina has come up with for the new B7. Will it have a ridiculously powerful twin-turbocharged V8 that rivals that of the S63 AMG? Only time will tell, but thankfully, we won’t have to wait very long.

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