1989 BMW E30 325is Boosted to 400 Horsepower

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Turbo BMW E30 Burnout

A stock E30 BMW is about as glorious as inhaling a fresh and pure mountain breeze after walking out of a porta-potty. A turbocharged, 400-horsepower E30 is about as sensational as escaping from a porta-potty falling from 30,000 feet, and parachuting away through crystal-clear skies.

I compare the E30 driving experience to a pure mountain breeze and crystal-clear skies because the E30 is free from impurities like chassis imbalance, unnecessary mass and electric steering … all things you’ll find in most modern cars, which are comparable to the porta-potty.

Because of its outstanding traits, the E30 BMW is a great baseline for tuning, and a nice cheat for those who want the E30 M3 experience without having to give up tall stacks of cash.

Kameron Baker’s E30 in the video below is a fine example of a tuned E30. A highlight of his homebuilt machine is the 400-horsepower turbocharged 2.5-liter I6 — Baker once had the engine outputting 460 horsepower to the wheels, but the car was too peaky so he mellowed the motor to about 400 horsepower. Now the classic 3 Series is as drivable as an F30 with an N55 under the hood.

Hit the play button to see Matt Farah melt a significant amount of this car’s rubber.

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