The Alpina B7

The Alpina B7 The M7 isn’t a real thing and the Alpina B7 is as close as you’re going to get. It too features Efficient Dynamics, and considering it’s not a sports car, we can see that working a little bit better here. It still has the twin-turbo V8 of the M5 and M6, just […] More »

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Two Reasons Efficient Dynamics is Awesome

  Efficeint Dynamics is BMW-speak for gas-sipping, world saving, eco-greenie tech. They include things like start-stop technology and alternative fuel sources. For a lot of people in the industry, those things sound like the death of fun. But the reality is the world is changing, and manufacters need to make cars that are more efficient. […] More »

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The i3 Concept

i3 with Chief Designer Adrian Hooydonk The i3 It’s a little bit more difficult to see how the i3 is anything more than a punt towards the city car market. Admittedly, it has the same out-of-control styling as the i8, but it’s not a sports car. It’s probably not even an entertaining car. What it […] More »

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The i8 Concept

BMW’s i8 concept The i8 First off, if you needed any more proof that “green” doesn’t have to mean “egg shaped”, look no further. The styling of the i8 sports car is it’s main hook, but it’s the story behind the looks that’s really interesting. Most startling is the fact that this sexy thing is […] More »

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2012 LA Auto Show Preview: The i8 Arrives!

BMW’s got a lot going on behind the scenes. Where better to show off the fruits of their fevered labor than the Los Angeles Auto Show? Far and away, their most interesting debuts this week will their fantastical new i series. Fantastical not just because of how wildly different they look, but because of what […] More »

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