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msportsparky 03-09-2019 03:29 AM

starting issues
Hi everyone, heres one for you, for a while i have an intermittent problem starting my 2009 520d. When i push the start button i get the usual dash lights but it wont turn over. i looked into it and thought it could be the clutch switch and because its an easy job to replace it i bought one and fitted it. Made no difference. Anyway ive put up with it for a while until last night when i had the chance to use my friends garage to have a proper investagation. So, i removed the clutch switch again and used a magnetic on the end of my torch and held this against the clutch switch, low and behold the car started everytime, refitted the switch to the master cylinder and it was better but not perfect. Could it be the magnet on the master cylinder has moved or lost its magnetic strength? I have a big magnetic at work so im going to try to place that next to the master cylinder to see if i can renergise it. Whats your thoughts?

GregFerd 03-13-2019 06:08 PM

You don't need thoughts... You already fixed it. Investigate; did the magnet move? Can you make one. Always remember, production cars are just that. They are not made to last. Being cost effective pays. Hence why the warranty is 4yr/50k.

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