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Default Need advice before buying my first BMW


New member here...

I've been looking at buying a used BMW, either a 550i or 545i.

Everything that I am finding has about 100-125k miles on it and I'd always heard that BMW's were long lasting cars, etc etc...

But then someone tells me that ever since 1990's the beemers have been junk... engines failing at 50k miles, oil leaks forever.. the horror list goes on... It sounded like Audi had bought the company a began building the cars.

I've always wanted a BMW, but I don't want my first experience with one to be like my first experience with Audi - a car I buy that sits either in my garage or the repair ship because it's always needing something.

Is there something I should know or look out for?

thank you...

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Originally Posted by David Kelly View Post

Is there something I should know or look out for?
yes. E46 330i, ZHP if you can find it.
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Hi Dave, I have to be honest, I love BMW but as they get old the issues begin to pop up, the leaks are no joke either, my 530i has messed up my nice driveway with oil.
With all that said if you love bimmers you have to be prepared for all the maintenance and repairs, you could buy a Honda but when you drive a bimmer you feel you cannot drive anything else.

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Welcome to the forum, David

It might help to know what your budget is. Not ALL 545/550's have 125-150k miles on them, so it must have been just the ones at your price point. A solid vehicle history is important here because if the car has been well-maintained, it could conceivably last to 300k miles. I would discount the generalities you hear. The E60s have very solid engines. You also need to plan on a budget average of $2000-$3000 a year to maintain the car. That's not to say it will cost that every year, but you could get hit with some big bills at some point in time, especially if you're not handy with a wrench.

For what it's worth, a 528i or a 530xi would be way cheaper to maintain. Just throwing that out there.

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