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Default e60 brake pad change

I've been watching a number of e60 brake pad changes.

When the DIY'ers compress the piston back into the caliper on all 4 wheels, they never check the brake master cylinder fluid level.

Why don't they check to see if the brake fluid is overflowing and it needs to be siphoned out?

Isn't that a critical step?

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I did check, but I did not see fluid level going up too much to the point of overflow out of reservoir.
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I do.... But you shouldn't have to.

When the pads are new and the fluid level is correct, there is no reason someone should add fluid to the reservoir as the pads wear down. The fluid level is OK at the minimum thickness of the pads. I do not add fluid to my own cars.

However, if I buy a used car, best not to assume anything and I keep a close eye on it.
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Some people recommend loosening the bleed nipple on the caliper and let the old fluid in the caliper out at that point and then to up the reservoir if needed.
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As stated above.. if it was proper level when there was new pads, it should not overflow, there's not that much fluid that goes up when you compress the pads... if not it was someone that always topped it to the max all the time, even then it shouldn't overflow but you could always take a peek when you're walking over to the next set of brakes. Literally just finished doing my cousins minivan this weekend and he asked the same question, I told him to go look and he said it didn't move high enough for him to see. When we were done I told him to check it again and he said it was the same level. Of course his pads were probably still 30-40% life left, he was asking if he should leave the pads. My answer is... we had it all taken apart, and for the $30/$40 worth of pads, might as well all use new hardware than to bother putting new pads in before/after/during winter
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