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Originally Posted by balbs View Post
I need your input in this one.
My car is a pre-LCI (06'). One of my first upgrades is installing LCI tail lights using the Bruce Miranda adapters. It is still installed and working fine. Later on, I upgraded the LM to the newer LM2. It was coded in by a member here (nomis_nehc). I wanted the AE welcome lights feature as well as AE as daytime running lights.

Anyway, that was a few years ago. I recently took my car to the shop and had them register a new battery. A few days later, I noticed that the tail outside corner lights are on when the car is in daytime running light mode. However it is off when the car is driving at night and the all the lights are on.

Doing some research, I find that it has something to do with the outside corner lights in DRL set to ACTIV.

How should the fix be approached based on my car's hardware combination? Should it just be approached as programming as if the car came stock with the LM2 (even if the car is pre-LCI)? But then how will that work if I have the Bruce Miranda adapters for the tail? Unfortunately nomis_nech moved away so I can't take my car to him. Also, the shop that worked on my car pretty much had no clue on what happened to my tail lights.
Very weird. When the battery was done was it a BMW shop? Perhaps they had registration problems so did a software update and it changed the LM2 settings?

I would approach it with just changing LM2 settings as if it came with the car. With the adapters you may find that some settings have no affect because they are hard wired in the lights.
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Any idea what the "dual voltage" code does in LM1?
Was trying to get the angel eyes to be brighter, but as they are LED-s, there's probably a resistor killing the voltage somewhere, so did nothing for me. Maybe someone could test it out
Currently working on a '04 E61
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HI, i need outputs to change to the low level, would anyone able to advise what code value/module i would need to change the base stereo (MASK) to HIFI?
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Not sure where I am doing wrong, but whatever I do to update, it doesnt seem to work. When I read back after updating, it reads original values itself, no the updated ones. It doesnt give me any error while coding, everything seems to be normal, coding active and coding ended.

Any suggestions? I badly need to disable the disclaimer, its driving me crazy and a few others, mainly auto fold and unfold mirrors when you lock and unlock the car, rain sensor activated sunroof closing etc.

thanks in advance.
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Originally Posted by jinsta View Post
HI, i need outputs to change to the low level, would anyone able to advise what code value/module i would need to change the base stereo (MASK) to HIFI?
I have the poverty spec m-ask, 6 speaker stereo powered via stereo and added aftermarket amp, dropped levels by changing it from STEREO to HIFI in the MASK ecu...also turned off the LOUD option as presumed it would help further

Alongside HIFI, there is a TOP HIFI and a FLAT option you can select too...changing to top hifi gave me extra options on idrive too, but none worked (eq, reverb etc) so changed back to hifi. I didnt try flat so not sure how this fairs, but overall switching from stereo to hifi drops output to about half
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I would like to update my 2005 E60 (M54 engine) TCU software to latest version. In Winkfp, which ecu is for my car and how can I tell the software version number installed in current TCU ?

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I tried to activate the beep when opening/closing the car. I've got an alarm on my E60 from 2004.

I changed the following in KOMBI (because i don't have CAPPL):

Alarm sound - ACOUSTIC
K9416_QUITT_AKUST_ENTSCH: fkt_frei

What do i have to do with:
Panic Alarm - SONDERTASTE_PANIKALARM ? enable or disable it??

But i don't get anny sound bij opening/closing the car...
I also changed the sound from my alarm fron EU to US, could that be also the problem?

Thanks guys !!
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Default 2008 E61 - Odd coding experience: retrofitting a 105 Ah battery

Hi guys,

This thread has been quiet for a while but hopefully some of you are still subscribed!

I've just started playing with coding my E61 as the dealer wanted a LOT of money to change my car from lead acid to an AGM battery, so I figured it was a good excuse to dive in. Finally got my set up to work, and was successfully able to change it from 90ah to 90ah_agm, and verified 90ah in INPA under the IBS menus. Since I was able to see a 105ah_agm option in the CAS module, I figured that would be a great upgrade, so I bought a monster BMW H9 105 Ah AGM battery from the dealership, and today I installed it and tried to code it.

VO didn't like me interpolating the code to be -A105 (90ah_agm is -A090), so I left it at -A090 and I coded the CAS module to the 105ah_agm and it took it. I again viewed the battery capacity in INPA, but here's where it gets odd - Capacity shows up as 81ah. I redid it at least 3 times, and also verified with my Foxwell NT510 - battery capacity when CAS is set to 105ah_agm shows up as 81ah. Changing it back to 90ah_agm in the CAS module, and INPA and the NT510 show 91ah capacity.

Stumped - I took it to my buddy's house to try Carly. Carly sees the 105ah_agm option and codes it no problem. He goes back in to verify and it shows 105ah_agm selected. Came back home and curious just to make sure, and again both INPA and the NT510 say capacity is set to 81ah. Not sure what to believe, and even more importantly which setting to use!

Has anyone run into this issue? Has anyone retrofitted a 105Ah AGM battery into their E6* with success?


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Originally Posted by zonum View Post
No, NoQuarter.
I mean that when the clutch is pressed, the revolutions go up. This effect seems to be applied to prevent engine draft.
Sorry for the bad translation.
Hello, that is part of the engine ECU function and can be coded on/off iirc with NCS in the DDE or DME
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