Is this the World’s Cleanest, Lowered E30 Convertible?

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1989 BMW E30 Convertible

This stanced Bimmer convertible for sale combines fantastic fit-and-finish with tasteful mods.

Whatever you might think of stanced BMWs, we think everyone can agree that this E30 Convertible for sale in Orange County, California, deserves high marks for its condition. It’s clean and well-presented for a car in its genre. And it would be a star at Radwood.

1989 BMW E30 Convertible

A lowered E30 may not be everybody’s ideal classic 3-Series. But the owner has treated this one with some discretion to keep it a tasteful machine.

The white 16-inch WRD Chevlon wheels are the centerpiece of the build. However, the Mtech body kit accentuates the look just right. It makes for a striking, classy take on what’s often a hard-parking style.

This Bimmer looks purposeful from the outside. The functional bit comes from Powertrix coilovers, which the seller thinks is the only such set in the U.S.

To finish the look, you also find period-correct Taifun headlights. These look exactly like you’d have seen in the 1980s Euro-tuner world. They add nicely to the Euro bumpers and front splitter.


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Inside, the seller upgraded from the stock tan to Mtech aftermarket upholstery. The red-and-blue design over black looks great with the black dash. The biggest downside is likely the convertible top. The seller notes it will “need some attention soon.”

Mechanically, the original M20B25 still powers the 325i with a five-speed manual transmission. That engine was good for about 170 horsepower new. That’s not a ton, but it’s just about right for the chassis. Few cars will ever feel as “right” as an M20-powered E30. Except if you turbocharge one, maybe.

The seller is asking $15,000 for this ‘vert, which generally seems a lot for one that’s been extremely lowered. However, this price slots in between Good and Excellent condition according to Hagerty, which we’ll believe, even for a modified car. That’s still a reasonable enough price to revert it back to stock if one felt so inclined.

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