BMW M760Li Drag Races ‘Cheap’ Alternative

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How much speed can money buy you?

In media comparison tests, BMW has been the marque to beat for decades now. It shouldn’t just beat a Skoda Superb, it should mop the floor with it. But does it?

BMW Versus Skoda

Americans might not recognize the Skoda brand. It’s a popular member of the Volkswagen group that’s known for building reliable cars. In Europe (where gas isn’t cheap), the Superb 280’s combination of a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, all-wheel drive, and comfortable interior make it an attractive option if you want an affordable full-size car.

The BMW M760Li, however, is anything but sensible. Sure, it’s roomy, but the quilted leather seats and voice-controlled infotainment system are more wants than needs. It sports three times as many cylinders. It also has an extra turbocharger compared to the Skoda, and an extra couple of gears. It’s also four times more expensive. So is it worth that extra dough?

According to the guys at Carwow, the answer is yes. While the Skoda gets you from point A to point B, the M-encrusted 7er delivers that something special. And that’s what BMW’s skunkworks would like you to believe is worth your hard-earned shillings.

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In the head-to-head, the two cars are subjected to a drag race, braking test, ride quality exam and maneuvers designed to mimic real-world driving. To be fair, the Skoda’s performance is commendably close to the BMW. Especially since the horsepower difference between the two is enough to power a 3-series.

But the big 7 showcases better performance than nearly any other heavyweight on the market, covering the quarter mile in a hair over 11 seconds. But where it really wins is in refinement. The vibration meter test demonstrates how much smoother the Bimmer rides, and thanks to a quick-shifting eight-speed, it can hold its position in fights for the fast lane where the Skoda might get pushed aside.

Anything with a 7-series badge should be enough to make an arrival. The M760Li lets you arrive more swiftly, with no sacrifice in composure.

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