F90 M5 Embarrasses Porsche & AMG in Top Gear Comparison Video

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AMG E63 S and Panamera Turbo S are no match for the master. Watch superior German engineering at work.

For decades, the BMW M5 was the greatest sport sedan in the world. Yes, it was one of the best driver’s cars on the planet. And yes, it was insanely powerful, carved corners, and had a fantastic gearbox. If you ask us, it’s still the best sedan in the world. Hell, it’s certainly still the benchmark by which all sport sedans are measured. But it isn’t the only game in town like it used to be. Every year there are seemingly more and more cars looking to take the M5’s crown.

Not that we’re complaining; that’s how we get comparison videos like this. This one comes courtesy of Top Gear. And it pits the Mercedes-AMG E63 S and Porsche Panamera Turbo S against the mighty F90 M5. By almost every metric, the current M5 is the greatest car to bear the name. So how does it fare against its German rivals?

It leaves them in the dust.

BMW M5 versus Mercedes-AMG E 63S versus Porsche Panamera Turbo S.

In this short clip, the M5 drag races against the AMG and the Panamera. With Top Gear magazine deputy editor Jack Rix behind the wheel of the Porsche, he feels confident that Porsche’s quirky hybrid wagon can show up its rivals. He points out that the Panamera is nearly 900 pounds heavier than the other two cars. “Then again, it is a Porsche,” he says, “so I’m fairly confident that it’s gonna launch like a psychopath.”

On paper, it does look like a fair fight. The M5 makes the zero-to-62 mile per hour sprint in 3.5 seconds, while the AMG and Porsche make the trip in 3.4. But the M5 is the lightest of the three, and it shows. The car jumps off the line, leaving the E63 S in the dust and easily blowing past the Porsche.

“Whoa, that M5 is quick!” Rix says as we see the BMW’s tail lights recede in the distance. Despite the other cars supposedly being quicker, the M5 proves that it’s still top dog. The sport sedan segment is as crowded as it’s ever been. And we aren’t complaining; the world is a more interesting place that way. But it’s nice to see the master put the pretenders in their place. Again and again and again.

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