BMW F10 M5 vs Mercedes G63 AMG V8 Bi-Turbo

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When you put the ultimate poser-mobile up against a BMW F10 M5 with a mild 600 horsepower tune on it, the result is comically predictable.

Of course, the BMW wins. But by how much is what makes this video worth watching. We imagine the G-Wagen driver was wondering at that point why he brought it to the event. Let alone have film a race against a BMW F10 M5 from the passenger seat.

BMW F10 M5

If you visit Mercedes’ page showing off the AMG G-Wagen, they greet you with an animated digital display that ramps up to show you the power output. You can also press a virtual start/stop button and hear the engine start, pass by, and accelerate. You also see some florid prose about how the AMG G63 takes on every challenge on every road and masters it convincingly.

This challenge taken on this road wasn’t very convincing though. Now, we do know that a G-Wagen, with or without the AMG badge, is every bit an amazing off-road machine. However, in either guise on every road, it’s both as heavy and as aerodynamic as a brick. Up against a BMW F10 M5, there’s only going to be one result, even with the G-Wagon packing a bi-turbo V8 tuned by AMG. This particular M5 is now making 600 Horsepower, which is around 50 more than stock. It also weighs 4,288 lb stock, which is more than the previous generation M5. The AMG G-Wagen comes in a titanic 5,624 lbs.

Now, if only someone would take an X5 M and put it up against an AMG G63. After all, 99.9% of AMG G63s will only ever be used in the same way as an X5 M. Plus, by driving an X5 M you can use the money saved to put your kid through college and go around corners.

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