Pretty as a Plum: Concavo’s Purple F10

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Concavo-FlatPurple-F10 (4)
Purple: For those times when your F10 5 Series just isn’t flashy enough.

This one is actually from the forums. Acute Performance has done some notable work to this F10. The photo shoot is supposed to be highlighting the Concavo wheels, but that purple paint job is distracting. That said, in these photos, I don’t think it actually looks bad. I think the stripes look bad, but the actual matte purple vinyl (paint?) isn’t so offensive. Maybe it looks different in real life, but on the screen, it’s acceptable.

The wheels themselves look good for a street car. AP have fitted them to be pretty much spot on. There’s no real fender gap, the camber is right, they’re not ugly. Really, they’ve taken care of all the important stuff.

What do you think? Is the purple too much? Jump to the forums to join the discussion!

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