M4 v. M2 Exhaust Rev Battle! Even Better than a Rap Battle!

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We can all probably agree that the new BMW M4 is a pretty badass car, but many of us also believe it’s not the way BMW used to be. Some say it’s too big. Others say it’s took expensive. Yet others claim the driving joy has been taken from it. Then the M2 came along, and many reviewers proclaimed that BMW found its way again. Regardless of how you feel about both cars, it’s hard to deny they both sound pretty good. But which one sounds better?

This short clip is exhaust porn, so make sure you have your speakers turned up for it. Both cars have turbocharged 6-cylinder engines. Both have loud, sporty exhausts. And in the case of this video, both are indoors so you can hear the echo of the exhaust off the walls of the showroom.

So which one sounds better? You’ll have to give it a listen and then let us know in the comments or over in the forums!

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