In-car E36 M3 GTR Action from ‘BMW Race Days’

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Enjoy pro racer Juan Antonio Miranda’s BMW M3 GTR from three different perspectives as he carves through the field.

If you enjoy the sound of a 345 horsepower engine “M” Power inline-six in the E36 M3 GTR car, then you’re going to want to crank the sound. Visually, the action in this video from YouTubers The Gallery Cars is just as exciting. The first section is trackside drive-by shots of pro racer Juan Antonio Miranda’s BMW in the dry at Circuit Calafat in Catalunya, Spain. The next section is onboard footage of the highlights and incidents, including a buttock-clenching moment when a car spins in front of him in the wet. The third section is a full race from Miranda’s helmet cam.

Juan Antonio Miranda's E36 M3 GTR racing in the wet in Spain.

The racing in the video is from the end of April in a round of the BMW Race Days Compact Cup. We love this footage because it’s such a heroic drive from the Spaniard keeping things old school with no driver aids in the wet.

From what we can gather, he had an issue with his windscreen and had to pit, but got lucky with a red-flag as he pitted the M3 GTR for repairs. He then came up from the back when the ten-lap race was restarted to push his way up the field into third place.

E36 M3 GTR

It’s clear that the limited preparation BMW’s in the Trophy 325 Emotions class are completely outclassed by the E36 M3 GTR but Miranda but that doesn’t lessen the display. Miranda was using the race to get himself and the car ready for to race at Motorland Aragón in the first round of the 2018 Classics and Legend season. Which is fitting because the E36 M3 GTR was specifically built to compete in the 1994 ADAC German GT Cup Touring Car series.

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