BMW Scores Four J.D. Power Quality Awards for 2018

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BMW receives the thirdmost segment awards of any automaker and more than any other luxury brand.

J.D. Power has been conducting their well-respected Initial Quality Study for three decades now. Over that time, they’ve become the gold standard in measuring new vehicle quality and owner satisfaction. So when any automaker wins a J.D. Power quality award, it’s certainly newsworthy. Not to mention a boon for owners and potential buyers of said brand. And for 2018, BMW has taken home not just one, but four “Initial Quality Study” awards.

The 2 Series, 4 Series, X1, and X6 received recognition for their efforts in 2018. The small, sporty 2 Series scored a 4 out of a possible 5 in J.D. Power’s Power Circle Ratings, which places it second in the Small Premium Car segment. Meanwhile, the BMW 4 Series scored a perfect five out of five to take home the gold in the “IQS Compact Premium Car” segment. Both the X1 and X6 received four circles.

BMW 2 Series

J.D. Power’s “Initial Quality Study” assigns these scores based on a number of criteria. They measure owner-reported problems with both design and defects over the first 90 days of ownership. Altogether, over 75,000 verified new vehicle owners provide the data that encompasses these scores.

Overall, J.D. Power’s latest study confirms that new vehicle quality is better than ever. Total quality rose four percent over last year, capping off four consecutive years of improvements. This, despite the fact that new technology continues cause issues. Driver assistance systems problems rose 20 percent over last year. Audio/communication/entertainment/vavigation (ACEN) issues continue to represent the most problematic category.


BMW continues to make strides, however, receiving the third-most segment awards of any automaker, behind only Ford and Hyundai. No other luxury automaker finished in the top five. So perhaps we can’t believe everything we read these days about luxury car reliability?

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