BMW M5 Driver Walks Away From 201 MPH Rollover Crash

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M5 crashed and driver walked away after rollover.

In a spectacular high-speed rollover crash, this driver somehow emerged with just a few scratches.

We caught this story from the Valley Racing Instagram page. Usually, Valley Racing is better known for its street racing videos, but in this case, they shared pictures from after the spectacular rollover crash and claiming the driver was doing over 200 mph when it all went wrong. Details are scarce, and most likely to protect the driver from possible prosecution as it appears to have happened on a public road. In fact, the driver appears to be very lucky he ended up in an empty field rather than having something substantial to hit.

The comments on the pictures are, of course, full of clueless people that have no idea what they are talking about. For a start, even if this M5 was speed-limited, it could be removed and according to the owners Instagram profile he is the CEO of a company called German Automotive Coding. It would actually be a surprise if someone that works to recode BMWs for a living didn’t remove the limit on their BMW’s top speed. Another commenter suggests it’s “wack only one airrr bag” went off when in fact that’s pretty common now when there’s only one person in the car for only the appropriate airbags to expand. If every airbag went off under any impact, it would get really expensive very quickly as a result of a fender bender in a modern car when only one person needs protecting.

As you can see by scrolling through the pictures above, the M5 is clearly a write-off, but at the end of the day, it is a just a piece of metal on wheels compared to a human life and a testament to BMW’s level of safety technology that the driver wasn’t seriously hurt or killed. We’re not going to comment on should’ve or could have as we weren’t there, but it is a shame an M5 is gone. We’re glad the driver will get to buy another one.

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