Is the BMW 320d Chris Harris Approved?

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Chris Harris is known for his wild track-day antics and hilariously sideways drifts, but he really only ever reviews the fast and expensive stuff. That is what we all want to see, after all. But the video below is a little bit different. Chris needs to head to the Nurburgring to compete in a race, and he is traveling there using the new BMW 320d. Yes, Chris Harris is reviewing a base level, diesel BMW.

With a price of just 30,000 pounds, this BMW is on the cheaper end of the scale, and its four-cylinder diesel makes it one of the least powerful Bimmers you can buy. So how does this car stack up in the mind of Harris? Well, surprisingly good. The trip is more of a traditional car review, but Harris loves the meaty mid-range torque, the effortless passing ability, and of course that outstanding fuel economy. He also enjoys that the car will easily do 140 mph, which he demonstrates.

Overall it is nice to see Chris Harris broaden his car reviews a bit with something that is a little more down to earth.

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