I think it’s safe to assume BMW Motorsport wanted the spectators at this past weekend’s Nürburgring 24 Hours race to look at its entire M235i Racing car. I’ll also assume the team wanted its competitors to look only at its entry’s back end.

“And you get paid for that?” Since I’ve been writing about cars, I’ve heard that phrase plenty of times. And damn, did I hear it a lot over the past few days. But that’s going to happen when you’re at your friend’s birthday party and you get to answer the innocuous “so how was your [...]

What do you think? Are these limited-run 6s worth the coin? What say you, audiophiles?

17 Jun 2014

BMW Decides to GoPro

The only thing cooler than pulling off a sick drift in your BMW is showing your friends and the Internet just how sick it is. That’s exactly the purpose of GoPro cameras.

Despite trying to stick to the speed limit, we got pulled over and fined after every toll plaza on the highway. Given that all the fines were due immediately, with cash, you can bet that most of the money was never actually turned over to the local governments.