I live close to the city of Austin, TX, but, apparently, not close enough. Had I ventured out for a BBQ lunch at Franklin’s or a bite to eat at a food truck, I probably would’ve caught sight of a convoy of BMW 228i convertibles.

Just the other week, I decided that what I absolutely needed was an E60 M5. Preferably in Indianapolis Red. I’ve had a deep longing for that car ever since it came out.

Two of BMW’s titans go head to head: a specially tuned previous-generation M6 versus the new M6 Gran Coupe.

Today, I saw something that’s very depressing. Surprisingly, it’s a video of someone driving a BMW M4.

Only 300 BMW M5 30 Jahre Editions were ever made, and now, the final one just sold at auction for $700,000. Unfortunately, it’s not going to a good home.