Accidents do happen, no matter how careful you are. Luckily, BMW’s been hard at work on safety research since the early 1950s.

It’s ironic that so many years of history can be distilled into short alphanumeric combinations. However, that’s exactly how the past four decades of a German automotive powerhouse can be summarized – with short strings of characters such as BMW, M, 3.0 CSL, M1, and M3.

Before Chris Bangle’s flame surfacing, there was flash design. The E34 BMW 5 Series was a rolling showcase of it.

As you can imagine, having your BMW covered in real silver would be prohibitively expensive and cause your car to be too heavy to drive. BMW Individual has come up with the next-best…er…actually, better…thing: Pure Metal Silver paint.

What if you wanted classic car style but with all the modern enhancements we’ve come to appreciate? Well, you take a ’70s BMW E9 and transplant the beating heart out of everyone’s favorite M5: the E39.