Remember the BMW M8? Of course you don’t. The German automaker never produced it. Correction: It did make the M8 – emphasis on “the.”

Even though BMW could probably get away with charging 175 Gs for its future-mobile, who the hell do dealerships think they are with these $100,000 markups? That’s legalized extortion.

Hybrids have moved beyond the realm of money-saving appliances into full-blown sports car territory. This year’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance served as proof of how accepted such machines are by huge names in the world of motorsports.

In continuation of my BMW reviews, here is the crazy futuristic vehicle that is BMW’s i3.

Though only three years old, the 1 Series needs a facelift. While it’s getting work done, the M2 sheds more camo.