Turbos are fun, and when you strap one to a diesel, you can have epic amounts of fun. When you put one in an already-awesome-handling BMW, you have a recipe for greatness.

What do you think? Is the guy behind the wheel of the X5 the dumbest dude on the planet, or the most committed insurance fraudster (surprisingly still) alive?

This is the 1989 BMW E30 M3 Johnny Cecotto Edition. This is just one of 505 built under this edition, which is named after BMW’s former motorcycle and Formula 1 racer.

Any time a BMW goes racing is a good time. The marque is so deeply ingrained in motorsports that you really can’t talk about any form of motorsports without at least mentioning BMW.

Rumor has it the next Z won’t use a hybrid drivetrain immediately. An earlier rumor said the next Z would be all-hybrid, going off the deal BMW made with Toyota and hybrid technology.