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Default Stickshift E60 LCI xDrive in the snow

Hi Guys,

I have been wondering if an E60 LCI xDrive Manual (my current vehicle) is supposed to handle better in the snow than a 2003 E46 xDrive (My previous vehicle).

Since the last storm (and also last year), yesterday and today I have had to drive through unplowed snow roads, and remembering how was the E46 handling, I don't feel the E60 sticks to the ground as much as the E46.

When I drive the E60, I really feel tense because I feel it like the car is going to swing left or right while going straight. With the E46, I could take corners at much more speed without skidding than with the E60.

I feel the DSC works when cornering (and sure I feel the difference if I completely disable it), however, I remember going through the same streets 1-2 years ago, when I had the E46, and the DSC would really get my rear back in control if I tried to turn into a corner at a decent speed. The testing I have done with the E60 is pretty much that if I try to come close to the speeds I drove with the E46, I am going to end up in the ditch. I know the E60 is a larger/heavier car, and not sure how much does that come into play.

Talking about tires, It is also worth noting that the E46 had the standard Continentals that came with the vehicle. And the E60 has a set of tires that I bought last year and that only have 15K miles on it. Based on tire rack, they score 8.0 on Light Snow Traction, 6.9 in Deep Snow Traction and 6.7 in Ice Traction. These are not outstanding values, but they are not bad either. I was basically trying to find a good All Season tires where I could enjoy a quiet ride and be able to drive in the snow as well.

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Tire Rack told me Dunlop SP WINTER SPORT4D for my 550
BMW 5 Series Tires | Dunlop Tires
Although these look good.
Which snow tires should I buy?
Performance Winter Tires By choosing the performance winter tires, you’re not sacrificing much when it comes to dynamic handling, but you are trading some snow and ice traction. Not the safest bet in winter tires choices and they are geared more an experienced driver or someone that lives in an area with moderated snow.The low profile performance winter tires are rated H-speed or V-speed and always need to be installed in sets of four.My research concluded that the following are some of the most respected and high rated tiresunlop SP Winter Sport 3D*– several options availableBridgestone*Blizzak LM-22/LM-25Michelin Pilot Alpin PA2
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Thanks DTD.

I know tires play a big role in this.. My main question was however, Other than tires , is there anything else (like weight) that could make the E60 less maneuverable in snow/ice than the E46? (Assuming the E60 is way more expensive, Id think the answer is no, but I have been wrong before). With non-winter tires, my impression is that I felt more comfortable driving the E46 in the snow than the E60.
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Sure weight will make a difference. But you should go back to tires, tread pattern, wear and width will make the most difference.
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I have a set of Nokian R winters on my 535xi. The thing is a TANK.
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Originally Posted by audiophool View Post
I have a set of Nokian R winters on my 535xi. The thing is a TANK.
I do have the standard rim size 225/50R17. Can you give me a link of that specific tire model? Is that a winter tire or all weather? Those Nokian tires look really good.. However I want to check some reviews first, as far as tread life and such.

I tried to find Nokian R, but didn't find exact matches in my search. I did find Nokian WRG2 and WRG3 (which are all weather tires.. Most likely what I am after), but not sure if it is the same you have..
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