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Originally Posted by gotabyte View Post
Toyota - and spend your time in shop for recalls or worse death (faulty brake recall, sticky pedal, computer malfunction, leaking master cylinder, steering linkage malfunction, rotting frames. Other than all those injuries and deaths, they are great cars.
LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING SON. IF the terrorists all drives TOYOTA, what does that tell you? GO GOOGLE any terrorist's car in Afghanistan or whatever country. THey are all driving the same freaking TOYOTA pick ups, why? IT"S FUCKING RELIABLE DUDE.
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I have 3 beamers, and this will be my last one, stupid ass foking car.
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Originally Posted by jenhaoyen View Post
not to mention, the new ones that we have does not have a stupid ass oil dip stick. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? fokkkkkkkkk
My 2004 model does not have temperature on the gauge, WTF dude. I only bought it so I can take my customers out, but really it's a piece of foking shit

I think where they have gone wrong was they try to mass produce it. Germans are not at mass producing, especially machines. They need to make one by one.
I think you just got unlucky. In your previous posts you mentioned the water pump overheating but you kept driving the car which caused the head to warp and the headgasket to go. As for the transmission well...who knows? The car was not maintained that much looking at some of your posts about how you took it to a clueless shop.

I do understand your frustration though I wish you good luck with your current bimmer and what are the plans with this one? Toyota yes is indeed reliable so is Lexus I have all 3. Toyota Lexus BMW but nothing gives me more pleasure then driving the BMWs.

What color is your current car just curious.
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