Only 300 BMW M5 30 Jahre Editions were ever made, and now, the final one just sold at auction for $700,000. Unfortunately, it’s not going to a good home.

The 1983 BMW M635 CSI was definitely one of the coolest cars of the ’80s. When new, it had 286 horsepower that would punt it to a top speed of 155mph. Not bad for a family sedan.

I’m definitely not an automotive engineer, but I do know that a car’s back tires can only take so much horsepower. The BMW M5’s rear rubber is no exception.

There’s nothing like box flares and DTM specials to make one swoon over a car. I personally had that kind of moment this week at the Detroit Auto Show, where BMW displayed the legendary 3.0CSL racecar.

The host in the following video, in which you’ll see a drag race between a BMW i8 and an M4, doesn’t speak English in it. However, attractive styling, burn-outs, and quarter-mile blasts don’t need to be translated to be comprehended or enjoyed. Watch the clip after the jump.