Inspired by the BMW 2000CS and the 1968 BMW E9 2800CS, the CS Vintage Concept is a reinterpretation that is so gorgeous, staring at it for too long can cause accidents in the underpants.

I came across this BMW 5 Series back in August of last year, and immediately started admiring its stance. I’m still drooling over it now in November of 2014.

In North America and Europe, SUVs have become more popular, and chauffeur-driven limos are as hot as the weather can be in China. This is all detracting from sports car sales.

Most don’t consider a BMW a potent rally weapon due to the lack of all-wheel drive, but as shown by the video, a rear-wheel-drive BMW can be a force to be reckoned with. If you don’t believe me, watch and be sure to catch your jaw as it falls.

Just off their DTM Championship victory, BMW announced that it would release two special-edition cars that commemorate the company’s 2014 Championship win.